Bathrooms That Are “The Topic Of Conversation”

We are told time and again that our rental bathrooms are the talk of the party.  Well that’s a good thing.  It means we are doing our job so you don’t have to worry about it, and your guests appreciate your thoughtfulness in providing the very best for their comfort and privacy. Rental bathrooms by Royal Restrooms ensure your guests have a pleasant experience. So take a moment, browse around and see why our rental bathrooms are the topic of conversation.  Read our testimonials.

Rental Bathrooms for Upscale Weddings

Wedding Bathroom Rentals

On this special day she is the princess. Make sure the whole day is priceless and perfect, even in the bathroom. Get a quote for your wedding now.

Rental Bathrooms for Major Events and Festivals

Major Events and Festivals

Sundance Film Festival, PGA Tour, Savannah Saint Patrick’s Day Festival (4th largest in the world) – standard fare for us. Upgrade your festival today.

Special Event Rental Bathrooms

Event Rental Bathrooms

Our rental bathrooms are perfect for making your guests feel at home. Get a quote for your special event today.

Business Remodel Rental Bathrooms

Bathroom Business Remodels

You’re remodeling your bathrooms for a reason, make sure your customers still feel like a VIP during your renovations. Get a quote today.

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